April 2, 2018

Environmental Focus

Sustainable Choices

At Multistack, we recognize and respect the importance of providing HVAC solutions that promote energy and water efficiency, use fewer greenhouse gases and embrace alternatives to fossil fuels. As an environmentally conscious manufacturer, we pride ourselves on delivering the industry's highest cooling and heating output per pound.

Our products' modular design allows you the freedom to use just enough energy to meet your current needs, while offering you the flexibility of incorporating additional modules as your operations grow. If you're looking to cool and heat your building with as little environmental impact as possible, look no further than Multistack!

Consider the following environmental aspects of choosing Multistack:

Energy Efficiency
Since buildings rarely operate at full capacity, it is important to evaluate your actual energy consumption and choose your cooling and heating options accordingly. With Multistack, you can start smaller now and add modules later in order to avoid overproduction.

Water Efficiency
Several of our systems use air instead of water as a cooling medium, thus keeping millions of gallons of H2O out of the waste stream over the lifetime of a building.

Zero Fossil Fuel Usage
A dedicated, energy-efficient heat pump is a more sustainable alternative to the traditional gas boiler when producing hot water for heating and domestic hot water use.

Energy Recovery
Many traditional HVAC systems are “once through” with no energy recovery. Multistack heat pumps, on the other hand, capture waste energy and reuse it for heating and cooling purposes.

Minimal Refrigerant Use
Since most refrigerants are greenhouses gases, they need to be used sparingly and managed wisely. That is why our systems are designed to run on a microcharge of refrigerant – the smallest quantity in the industry, in fact.

Smaller Footprint
We are dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint of our products at every step of their life cycle:

  • Our production facilities implement carbon-neutral manufacturing processes.
  • The compact design of our products means less production waste and transportation emissions.
  • We actively encourage recycling, reuse and product upgrades.
  • We build our modules to run at peak efficiency in the field to minimize waste and maximize performance.

(Courtesy from Multistack, LLC)

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