April 13, 2018

Malaysia Project Reference

YearLocationTypeModelTotal Capacity (TR)
2017Hospital Teluk IntanOil-Free Water cooled ChillerMTW450FC420
2017Asia Pacific International School (Phase 2)Oil-Free Water cooled ChillerMTW360FC350
2016TKR Manufacturing (EDMI)Oil-Free Water-cooled ChillerMTW240FC240
2016Asia Pacific International SchoolOil-Free Water-cooled ChillerMTW360FC350
2016Hospital Kulai
(Member of Ministry of Health)
Oil-Free Air-cooled ChillerMTA125FC375
2016MRT Saujana ImpianOil-Free Air-cooled ChillerMTA100FC100
2015Majlis Perbandaran Johor Bahru TengahModular Water-cooled Screw ChillerMSCW210-6.0340
2013Menang Hospital Batu Gajah, PerakModular Air-cooled Scroll ChillerSMRA035C-1.552
2012Merrida Hotel (previous known as Prescott Hotel)Modular Water-cooled Screw ChillerMSCW210-2.0115
2012Johor Islamic ComplexModular Water-cooled Screw ChillerMSCW210-7.0380
2012University Technology Malaysia (UTM)Modular Water-cooled Screw ChillerMSCW210450
2011Haliburton Chemical LabModular Air-cooled VSD Scroll ChillerMFCA40-3.034
2009Ipoh PubModular Air-cooled Scroll ChillerMSRA150C-S&T180
2008Palmco Hotel (Hard Rock Hotel)Air-cooled Heat Recovery ChillerMSRA340C-3.0280
2008Dewan Jubli Intan JBModular Water-cooled Screw ChillerMSCW210-4.0220
2007Terminal 2 SerembanModular Air-cooled Scroll ChillerMSRA131C-3.0330
2007Perpustakaan Sultan Ismail JBModular Water-cooled Screw ChillerMSCW180-3.0150
2006Era Square Mall SerembanModular Air-cooled Scroll ChillerMSRA131C-7.0760
2004Park Royal HotelModular Air-cooled Scroll ChillerMSRA131C200
2004Batu Pahat University/ JakartaModular Air-cooled Scroll ChillerMSRA130140
2003Selaco Aluminium FactoryModular Water-cooled Screw ChillerMSCW180100
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