Air Cooled Screw (Heat Pump) Chiller

Cooling Capacity: 158-1470kW



  • Simple structure and space-saving installation. Integrated design for both cold source and heat source, eliminating cooling towers, water pumps, boilers, piping and many other peripherals.
  • Able to produce heating at low temperatures and above -15°C. Rated power at normal working condition is 3 times that of electric heater.
  • Ultra-low noise operation. Designed using the latest semi-hermetic screw compressors to ensure stable and reliable ultra-low noise operation.
  • Auto-defrost. Self-defrosting mode enables efficient defrosting and prevents heat loss.
  • Intelligent control and high energy efficiency unit. Evaporator and Condenser fan coils features a high efficiency heat transfer to improve cooling / heating capacity and reduce power input.
  • Intelligent management and efficient operation. Controller has functions such as auto-defrost, fault diagnosis, energy control, anti-freeze monitoring, and running mode to ensure highly efficient operation.
  • Auxiliary heater option is available to ensure smooth operation. Auxiliary heater is optional to prevent starting difficulty during winter time due to low circulating water temperature.

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