Falling Film Water Cooled Screw Chiller

Cooling Capacity: 285-2287.3kW


  • Mature technology developed independently. Underground water, soil, surface water and other shallow geothermal energy are main energy sources for this type of chiller. Aided with electrical power, the chiller is able to transform low-grade renewable underground energy to high-grade energy.
  • Falling film evaporator technology provides excellent heat transfer performance. Heat transfer coefficient is 30% higher than that of flooded type and uses less refrigerant.
  • Environmental friendly, clean and safe. Uses environmental friendly refrigerant R134a with zero pollution to the ozone layer.
  • Its sensible heat recovery feature uses waste heat. Chillers can be selected with heat recovery condensers, using discharge waste heat of compressors to produce domestic hot water (35-50°C).
  • Easy installation and settings. Factory fully refrigerant and oil charge, the equipment can be start-up once all water pipes and electrical power feed is completed at site.
  • Intelligent control and high efficiency energy management. The chiller control is designed using high performance PLC with various control functions of status display, parameter settings, fault log and remote control.

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